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Coonskin Park River Access

GPS Coordinates

38.389361, -81.584373

Trailer Access/Boat Ramp


Location Description

This site is inside Coonskin Park, owned and operated by the Kanawha County Commission. This site is located across the river from the Mink Shoals access.

Parking & Features

Gravel lot parking. Est. 10 parking spots. Distance to river from parking area: short.

Directions From I-79

From I-79 exit 1 (Mink Shoals): Head north on 119 N/Pennsylvania Ave (right hand turn from south, left hand turn from north). Continue for 0.8 miles and turn right across bridge into Coonskin Park on Henry C "Hoppy" Shores Dr. Follow 0.8 miles and turn right onto Coonskin Dr. near a pond. Boat launch will be ahead beside the Riverside Pavilion in about 486 ft.


Access is located within Coonskin Park and subject to The Parks hours of operation. It is a newly constructed ramp/slide made of concrete that terminates on a nice gravel bar in the river. Ease of river access: moderate. The Park closes at 8:30 pm. The Park Police will ask you to leave prior to that time. The access may be handicapped accessible although not by ADA standards.

Distance from Sutton Dam

97.2 mi

Distance from Previous Access

3.8 mi

Nearest Town


Amenities In Town & Nearby

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